Sleep Saviour Audio Yoga and Meditation for Sleep Disturbance

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Have you ever had a bad nights sleep?

Take it from someone whose had thousands – that can ruin your life.

Or maybe you’re there already, counting the cracks in the walls and that one small fly that won’t find the window, night after night.

I’ve got you.

Like with most ailments, a holistic approach works best. Enjoy four pre-recorded practices (.m4a) and a nifty little booklet (.pdf) that contains all the sleep-hacks I could remember from the times I tried to cure my insomnia.

Hint: it’s not a linear healing, it comes and goes and the best thing you can do is everything.

Also, this file comes as a ZIP, which means you need software to unzip it. A quick internet search will find you software and how-tos


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