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A gentle and non-invasive way to receive expert guidance from the very highest Sources and Sages.

These sorts of readings are best when you are unsure of what challenges you’re facing, or how best to approach something, or even what to do next in life.

I can channel advice on anything from the following (and more I’ve probably not thought of):

  • Love and relationships
  • Career and work
  • Family and the home
  • Education and life’s path
  • Disease and wellness
  • Grief and death
  • Spirituality and connection

Readings consist of channeled information, body-based wisdom, knowledge from yogic study and practice, insight from meditation and I like to use cards to help guide the process.

Personal profiles are constructed using body-based wisdom, and modalities like Human Design and Astrology.

Receive one reading over email in answer to a specific question, or a general theme PLUS a personal profile showing you your strengths and weaknesses and how to best navigate the world.

Upon payment you will be contacted to collect any personal information. Please view the privacy policy to ensure you are comfortable with the way your personal information is used.


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