hello, again

Well if you haven’t noticed this lil site has had a small makeover…

You might notice all my photos have been updated. This was no small feat. I’m essentially on indefinite sick leave from life and so have done everything as a kind of slightly obsessive DIY project, head-to-toe.

I did the whole thing. The shots are not perfect – I used a clicker on my phone to remotely take pictures so I could use the better back camera. I have this studio lighting setup and a cheap sunset lamp to create this cool spotlight.

Since the last time I took photos, I gave birth to a chihuahua and she wanted to be in all the photos too.

The bolster you might see on my ‘Practices’ page is an old DIY make from 2016.

And then the modelling and grooming…

I cut and dyed my own hair.
I applied my own eyelash extensions

I did do my full face of make up (although I have worked as a make up artist who applied lashes so those don’t count)

I made all my activewear by hand

Even my underwear I’ve made myself, and the t-shirts you can purchase via You Seek Yoga!

This was the first bit of work I’ve done in a while and it felt fun!

Editing the photos hasn’t been the easiest; my laptop broke and I haven’t yet replaced it, so don’t really have anything easy to edit with.

It’s been a fun and challenging exercise in being this self-sufficient and the truth of it is simple: I like nice things, I like things to be of quality and I can’t afford to buy the things I want ready made. Plus bodies are now advertising spaces and if you want me to wear your clothes I need a brand deal!

That aside it’s kind of been personally cleansing to strip back my yoga practice and learn how to be truly self-sufficient in every other aspect of life. And to understand how everything is made, these past couple of years have been a journey of learning myself and loving myself.

it’s like, here I am, 100% myself.






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