I am not offering live classes at present.

However, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel to receive the occasional free class, or follow me on TikTok for more yoga content.

As content is created, you can choose your themed class to best serve your needs.

A Grateful Heart

is a collection of practices including journalling, movement, meditation and breath that focuses on inviting more gratitude into your life. Designed for to be beginner-friendly, but with the stressed intermediate practitioner in mind this is a flexible system that encourages you to check in without being rigid.

Move With Her

designed with the female body in mind to create content that moves with the menstrual cycle.

Sleep Saviour

collates content designed for people who struggle to sleep. A lifelong insomniac, I’ve learned a thing or two about coping with bad sleeping habits and functioning less-than-optimally. For all levels

Total Beginner

learn how to yoga from absolute scratch. This content is going to be comprehensive and designed for newbies