Yes, I’m offering private lessons again

This was a little bit of a decision to make. I’ve taken a lot of stock at where I am. Practice has become so different. I am not practising asana every day right now. It doesn’t work with my schedule or routine and I’ve been studying other ways to be with my yoga practice. And primarily, ways to self-soothe and restore after bouts of poor mental and physical health.

Having learned for me personally, it has obviously taken a little while to sink in and this is an ongoing evolution. However, I’ve decided to offer different private lessons for people who need my support.

Press Reset

This is more of a stress-busting and restorative session. Less therapy (as I’m not a psychologist), but more holding a compassionate healing space and offering up tried-and-tested practices that will quickly bring you back to centre.


I’ve been reading since a teenager and can offer very accurate guidance based on oracles, tarot, divination, body-based wisdom and insights from yogic meditation. Great for when you are unsure of your next steps.

Class Design

Having retrained at least three times over in yoga, and explored a plethora of different modalities I know that it’s okay to be dissatisfied with your yogic practice as a practitioner and as a teacher. Sometimes the skills you have don’t quite fit. Think of this as a mini-mentoring/ ghost writing service that will help you to find your teaching voice and leave you with one “hero” class to deliver to your clients, over and over.

These sessions probably aren’t needed more than once per month, and if you are a very independent practitioner or person you can probably live with seeing me just a couple of times per year, provided you touch in with my free online and paid digital content to help support you also.

I hope they help, and see you soon.


Jaz x






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