Spotlight on: Gratitude

I recently tried to assess, without actively engaging in a gratitude practice, where I got my positivity from. It was when I was trying to work out how I was keeping myself buoyed during such challenging times.

And I realised that I spent time looking at my surroundings and just resting in thankfulness and appreciation for them.

Gratitude is ingrained in me. At my lowest points, it keeps me here on planet earth when I would rather take an out, and in my best moments it can become a powerful attractor magnetising manifestations and people.

So where to start? Even before I created this set of practices I practiced being thankful. Without God, without yoga, I appreciated people and things alike in my life.

So in working through this, I sort of…reverse engineered how I was keeping myself afloat by slowing it down, breaking it down and creating something new.

For me, journalling is not something I do every day. It’s in binges and droughts. I never sat there writing “dear diary”, I tended to express my emotions in a far more abstract way: and I would dress a certain way, colour my hair, paint or write poetry all to get out how I feel.

So you’ll find in here that the journalling practices are powerful, but short and sweet.

I would highly recommend trying this for a week: you’ll never know what could change for you.

If you want to go ahead and get fully kitted out, you can grab the official journal notebook from Amazon here (I designed it myself) and you can even purchase a beautiful organic tote from my ethical shop You Seek Yoga;






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