I have been reading with many different types of instruments since my teenage years, and have attended classes and studied ways to read from Neoshamanism, Tarot, and Yoga.

I like to be thorough and consult more than one type of oracle for each read, and cross check across to make sure the information is coming through clearly.

I specialise in giving advice that comes from a place of clair-cognisance which is strongly indicated in my Human Design body graph, as I possess the natural gift to speak truth and knowledge without needing to know anything myself.

It’s a gentle and non-invasive way to receive expert guidance from the very highest Sources and Sages.

These sorts of readings are best when you are unsure of what challenges you’re facing, or how best to approach something, or even what to do next in life.

I can channel advice on anything from the following (and more I’ve probably not thought of):

  • Love and relationships
  • Career and work
  • Family and the home
  • Education and life’s path
  • Disease and wellness
  • Grief and death
  • Spirituality and connection

I am not a medium and cannot offer you any connection to the dead or those passed on, unless I am given something directly from Source. I don’t speak to individual concerns and have no interest in the names or preferences of your family members, only what serves the highest good.

Readings consist of channeled information, body-based wisdom, knowledge from yogic study and practice, insight from meditation and I like to use cards to help guide the process.

Personal profiles are constructed using body-based wisdom, and modalities like Human Design and Astrology.

Choose from your following options:

Email reading

Receive one reading over email in answer to a specific question, or a general theme.

Email reading + personal profile

Receive a reading plus a personal profile showing you your strengths and weaknesses and how to best navigate the world.

Full package

Receive a general read + a specific question + a personal profile

Once you’ve paid using the buttons above you will receive your full reading within 7 working days, though usually sooner. Payment is via PayPal. The link will be emailed to you on application. Refunds are not available unless the reading cannot be provided on time.

Please note: your birth date and time is required for a truly accurate reading using the Human Design BodyGraphs and astrological birth charts. No refunds will be offered for errors in birth information