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Have you always wanted to start a yoga practice but just wasn’t sure how? Perhaps you thought you needed to be flexible. Or maybe, you tried a few classes a while ago and fell out of practice…

Designing content for beginners has been a passion of mine. Total Beginner is a collection of content with beginner practitioners in mind. Everything has been created to be easy to access, and with tools to help you create sustainable healthy habits.

Excited to try something out?

Start with a foundational pose to see if we get along here:

Now, I know that keeping up with a practice can be hard.

That’s why I developed this fun journal and tracker to help you focus. Some trackers can ask for a lot of information, but the beauty of mine is in its simplicity:

  • Four emojis track how you practice every day
  • Plenty of space to write down your thoughts in journalling form

Coming soon in 2025:

  • subscriber-exclusive classes on TikTok LIVE
  • pre-recorded online content to buy and keep for life
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