Move With Her

As a female-bodied yoga practitioner, your physiology changes every few days. So why would your practice stay the same?

It has been an exploration of many years that culminated in what needed to happen: the complete, total overhaul of my entire practice; but this time listening closely to my body and what she needed.

MOVE WITH HER is collection of content designed to support your practice throughout the different phases of your menstrual cycle. 

You will find everything that you need to shift from moving against your feminine to moving with her.

The Journal

Ready to support you is this customised journal complete with my signature practice-tracking emojis to help you to keep an easy record of your daily habits.

Your cycle is divided into four parts, and this is labelled to help you keep an easy record:

Winter = the period (the first day of your cycle and 1-2 days before)

Spring = the follicular phase (5-12)

Summer = ovulation (13-19)

Autumn = the luteal phase (20-26)

Additionally there is space to record where we are in the lunar cycle.

Since there is a big connection between the moons phases and our energy, it felt necessary to keep a track in relation to menstruation.

Coming soon in 2025:

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  • pre-recorded online content to buy and keep for life
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