Are you tired of creating your own classes?

Struggling to find something that is both unique to your voice and engaging with your audience?

1-2-1 yoga class coaching is now available with Jazmin Jewel Yoga

What you get:

  • 2 x 30 minute calls to discuss your class and to integrate any knowledge you’re missing
  • 1 x round of interim revisions via email
  • 1 x class .doc template in easy-to-understand notes and bullets so you can memorise it with no problems (for personal use)
  • 1 x audio .mp3 draft of the class you can keep and learn the words (for personal use)
  • 1 x sequence .pdf of the full class printable of the poses in calligraphy to keep (for commercial use)
  • 1 x digital inspiration moodboard you can download and print (for personal use)
  • 1x bespoke Spotify playlist 

Introductory offer

£100 per class idea

When this finishes 31.12.24, the price will raise to £350.

Is it worth it?

If you have a class of 10 people and run one class at £10 you have made back 100% of your investment in just one session, for an amazing class that runs time and time again.

Need variety? Cycling through 9-12 classes means that you always have something fresh for all drop ins throughout the year.

If you have three classes per week, making £100/class you will have made back your investment less than just ONE week

There’s no judgement here: as a studio teacher, or running classes between various locations across a city or several villages costs time and energy. This can often leave you feeling drained and creatively blocked when it comes to class creation. Working with me takes the pressure off and allows you to focus on what you do best – teach to your clients! 

Are you worried that it won’t sound like you? Don’t be! During our coaching calls I will use the time to learn from you how you like to structure your classes, and how you like to address your students. 

It’s like having an affordable ghost-writer for yoga classes!

Need inspiration for a retreat or training? Book a free discovery call to talk about your needs and get an instant bespoke quote.

You will finish your time with me and have a stunning hero class that you can rework and teach time and time again, that will be:

  • Rich with things that are authentic to YOU
  • A fun sequence to challenge your clients
  • Plenty of anatomical knowledge to keep the practice safe
  • Inclusion of spiritual, religious or occult content 
  • An imaginative landscape for you to play
  • More free to enjoy your practice

Still not sure? Check out my “About” page to learn more about what I’ve studied and how I teach, or go to my YouTube channel to practice one of my classes free of charge!

Will the class still be “mine”?

Yes! This class is unique and designed for you, after a deep consultation to make sure that it is tailored. It will be you at your creative best, and nobody else will have the same class- unless you show it to them.

How long can I use this class for?

Once you’ve signed up, your class is yours for as long as you want it. It’s yours to keep for life!

Do I have to repeat the class as you design it?

Only if you want to. As a teacher I revisit material over years and my understanding deepens as I have more experience so classes for me change too. Feel free to remix and rewrite your content as much as you like: once it’s yours, it’s yours.

How much work is involved?

You need to show up for two 30 minute calls and some emailing per each individual class.

How long does it take?

Once you’ve signed up you could have a brand new class to learn and teach within 2-3 weeks!

How do I pay?

Payment will be arranged by direct banking payment link or Paypal for minimum hassle, instant transfer and maximum confidence

do you offer refunds if I’m unhappy with the class?

Since the fee is low for the time I’m offering to put in there are no refunds available, but with the amounts of revisions provided you’re willing to be honest about what you want in the creative process, I’m certain you’ll be 100% satisfied!

This price seems very low for something I can make money off indefinitely…

Since this is a completely new service it seemed like a great idea to price it competitively to gain new business and testimonials.

Enquire today and you could have a brand new, custom made class ready to teach within a few weeks
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