some small changes

It’s with no little amount of consideration I’ve decided to let go of my pseudonym here, in favour of my actual birth name.

This has been a period of intense cocooning where I have had almost no identity at all. No idea and no sense of self – indeed I learned this year in detail that some of my infancy and formative years were a total lie, and that maybe some things I’d assumed about myself my entire life were just not at all true.

I’ve had to begin again.

Accepting my name has been hard, as I have been bullied for it. As a white-passing mixed race woman, many Asian people take offence at the colour of my skin and I’ve had to deal with the aspersion that I’m constantly appropriating from my own heritage and culture.

But I am who I am and that’s my name, even if I am not a Muslim, my grandfather was.

It’s already set up as a redirect, but will become

All my works self-published on Amazon will be updated over the next 6 months to “Jazmin Ali” and my socials will also change.

I don’t use Facebook or Instagram. I was bullied y the mod team and locked out my instagram account with all my account details, and I was bullied out of Facebook. So that’s no change: I have accounts there that I cannot access.

I don’t use Pinterest right now but it’s already sparklejazminjewel so there’s no change.

TikTok will become sparklejazminjewel

YouTube will become sparklejazminjewel 

X will become sparklejazmin

It’s still a little way off before I’ll be offering classes in anything but hopefully once I have a laptop again in the autumn I will record some new YouTube classes.


Jazmin Ali






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